The impact

What our

"Knowing that people there had similar backgrounds, as I did, also made me feel comfortable as I knew all of us could understand one another"
"Care to Dance brought me and my sister closer"
"I'm glad to have been able to make a great and relateable set of friends"
"You feel so free when you dance, you feel so loose and that fluid feeling is so good"
"My confidence has improved because I met new friends. I have become a stronger person"

It is reported by the Independent Review of Children's Services that care-experienced young people often experience marginalisation. Often this means that they do not have opportunities to engage in creative activities.

We aim to overcome these barriers, supporting those who might not have initially felt able to engage in creative activities.

Providing meaningful dance classes that support the development of key skills whilst developing confidence, encouraging relationships, a sense of belonging and experiencing a safe space where they can express themselves through movement.

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We believe that discussion and campaigning as a community is pivotal in supporting positive change, led by the voices of children and young people.

Check out the podcast led by Inclusion Lead, Cicero, who talks about their lived experience, advocating for meaningful change within the sector.