Our values


We believe that every young person has the right to access dance and to have the opportunity to creatively express themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

We aim for every young person who attends our programmes to feel a sense of belonging and community within this space. With inclusivity at the heart of what we do, everyone is welcome, and everyone is valued. Care to Dance aims to make dance more accessible to minority groups that may otherwise face barriers accessing dance.

“When I dance, it makes me forget about everything. It is like a new world where I can just be free and no one can judge me.” - Young person.


We believe that every care-experienced young person should feel a sense of belonging.

Many care-experienced young people experience isolation and instability. Therefore, through the medium of dance, we aim to create a safe and inclusive community where every young person's individuality is celebrated.

"Care to Dance is a community that we have built, it is like a support system. Care to Dance is like my family.” - Young person.


We believe that dance offers a non-verbal 'universal language'; an accessible form of expression for all young people

Using innovation to support care-experienced young people by providing an alternative creative outlet where they can express their feelings and emotions.

"Care to Dance encourages our young people to work as part of a team, they make new friends and develop skills in forming other interests. Care to Dance encourages young people to be creative, you can see growing self-esteem and the hope is that it provides young people with the confidence to know that they can try different things and achieve." - Service Manager


We believe that care-experienced young people's talents, interests and potential should be celebrated across the sector.

Within society, there tends to be a narrative surrounding care-experienced young people from a deficit stance.

The achievements they make throughout our programmes are continuously celebrated and gives them the message that they can achieve and attain their goals and aspirations.

“Everyone is welcoming, and they give all the children the praise and encouragement to bring out the best in themselves.” - Carer


In partnership with Carbon Jacked, Care to Dance has undergone a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment to measure, understand and report its emissions in line with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. We are working with Carbon Jacked to reduce our carbon footprint.

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